Why Us

Tailored Services

You are a unique female founder, entrepreneur or business owner. The ideas you have are unique to you and only you. While you might share similar ideas to many people, none of them are exactly as they sit in your brain.

We know this. We appreciate this. We want to tap into your uniqueness so we can work with you to create your business empire. 

As a community, we will work with you to figure out exactly what value proposition your business brings, and then help you position yourself to win. Once that is established, we work with you to figure out how you can launch, grow , expand or scale your business from where it is now to where you dream of taking it. 

Don't worry if your idea is similar to someone else. There are billions of people in this planet, so we can all co-exist and serve different groups of clients.

What you need to do is identify what makes your products or services stand out, that sets you apart from competitors. You can then watch the power of the community help you weave your business reality.



Many businesses grow through recommendations and via word of mouth. We know it because we have seen it in communities.

As women, we control over 90% of household spending. This makes us the best target consumers. 

By being part of the Dali SpacesI Community, you get access to this incredible power of the Woman's Purse!! Being part of the community means that you don't have to have all the answers, or solutions, you only need to know someone who has the answers or knows someone else who can help.

This is the incredible power of the circle of connections that makes us powerful.

Our mothers, grandmothers and ancestors have always been tribal, and the women being the pillars of the household, families and communities at a large. 

We are not reinventing the wheel, but going back to our roots and way of living that our ancestors and grandparents have practised for thousands of years. We work with the weaving circle of the community.


Start! Scale! Grow!

Whether you are at the idea stage, or already started your business, we welcome you to join our community. We can help you:

  • Explore your idea 
  • Craft your business plan
  • Guide you through the legal registration process, opening a bank account, connection with accountants etc. This is done via our partner service providers
  • Scale and grow your business
  • Access to funding through our partner investors



You have products or services, now what? Where do you market them? How do you advertise? How do you make use of power of recommendation? 

This is where the Dali Spaces community comes in. We are for women, by women. We create, build, grow and consumer from within our community. 

Through our internal tribes connected to the larger community, we help one another by buying products and services from fellow female entrepreneurs.

Since we control over 90% of household spending, we directly and efficiently tap into the power of the  Women's purse; our own purse.

In doing so, we create a commercial chain that opens up doors and opportunities for growth, expansion and scaling up of our businesses.

As a member fo the Dali Spaces community, your products and services will be listed on the marketplace and board.

This will help those starting up and without enough resources or knowledge, the opportunity to sell their services and products online without any hustle.



This is where the magic happens. We connect entrepreneurs to potential investors. 

Our magic is simple, the investors are entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are investors.  Dali Spaces acts as an enabler and a connector.

We don't just wave the magic wand, we make magic happen and add a few glitters while at it. 

We do this via online and offline ''speed dating''. 

Potential investors gets connected to a potential business owner they want to support. 

This is done efficiently and fast. We know time is a valuable resource. No time wasted. 

This allows people to move on to the next available opportunity without wasting one another's time.



Limited access to capital is one of the most detrimental factors limiting and stopping women grow and scale their businesses.

Limited capital and unfriendly procurement terms act as a direct inhibitor to female entrepreneurs. By missing out on opportunities to supply or deliver on larger tenders, female entrepreneurs are forced to stay 'micro'.

Dali Spaces will harness the power of the community to:

A. Drive and push for better terms that are equal and favourable to female entrepreneurs, when it comes to tenders and procurement.

B. Use the power of the collective to support, buy, and promote businesses that have equal and friendly terms for female entrepreneurs.

C. Use the power of table banking to raise capital that will allow female entrepreneurs to compete equally, and therefore, level the play field.