We are Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators. Our sole objective is to facilitate our growth, expansion and scaling of our businesses. If you are an existing founder, freelancer or digital nomad, and you are looking for a professional community, then join Dali Spaces.

We don't play games. We don't waste time. We don't procrastinate!

We work hard! We build each other! We support one another! We create empires. 

To ensure and maintain the professionalism and seriousness of our community, and to weed out people who are not serious or share our mission, we require each potential member to make a financial commitment. 

Our membership fee and structure is very simple, no bullshit. You can pay either:

  • Monthly- EUR 25
  • Annually- EUR 200

Financial commitment is also an indication of the seriousness on your part as a contributing member of the community. 



  • Access to Networks
  • Access to all Member Resources
  • Access to all Member Webinars
  • Access to all Member Podcasts
  • Access to all Member trainings
  • Access to Member Only Area full of resources, articles, materials, tips among others
  • Discount to partner services, products and events
  • Access to Marketplace (Listing, Buying,Selling,Advertising)
  • Access to professional experts in various fields 
  • Access to Funding (Table Banking or External)
  • Access to Matchmaking Events
  • Free access to annual Dali Spaces event
  • Procurement help
  • Introductions to Mentors, Sponsors and Key partners to help your business
  • Review and rewrite of your business plan
  • Help with Product Launch
  • Strategies of Access to different markets and regions
  • Access to Global Markets
  • Access to buying power of the collective
  • Access to Invest in businesses owned by fellow women


Before you get accepted to the Dali Spaces Community, you have to fill in a form   detailing who you are, your objectives, your business interest, what you will give to the community and what you hope to get out of the community. 

Each application will be individually reviewed and approved or declined. 

After approval, the applicant will be required to pay the joining fee before getting access to the member only section.

Non Member Access


Incubation & Founders

If you don't want to join Dali Spaces Virtual Offices, you can apply to join our Incubation Programme to get started on your Founding Journey.

Click HERE for more information.


Training, Webinars & Workshops

As a non member you can pay individually for each training available based on your specific needs.

Simply click on the training you are interested in and see the registration and pricing details.