You have products or services, now what? Where do you market them? How do you advertise? How do you make use of power of recommendation? 

This is where the Dali Spaces community comes in. We are for women, by women. We create, build, grow and consumer from within our community. 

Through our internal tribes connected to the larger community, we help one another by buying products and services from fellow female entrepreneurs.

Since we control over 90% of household spending, we directly and efficiently tap into the power of the  Women's purse; our own purse.

In doing so, we create a commercial chain that opens up doors and opportunities for growth, expansion and scaling up of our businesses.

As a member fo the Dali Spaces community, your products and services will be listed on the marketplace and board.

This will help those starting up and without enough resources or knowledge, the opportunity to sell their services and products online without any hustle.