About Us


Dali Spaces is a Social Enterprise built to create an online and offline community for female founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, female leaders and women who want access to like minded women in emerging & developed markets.

We are an online and offline community for female founders, female leaders and women globally who wants access to like-minded women. We provide holistic services that go beyond co-working space. 

Female entrepreneurs and founders  want to have access to online and offline (co-working spaces), clubs and communities that are female friendly, but most important safe and professional, where they can interact, learn and share with fellow female women.

While understanding the need of face to face gathering, we also realise the need to connect with like-minded communities from all across the globe. Dali Spaces offers that safe, professional and connected community that brings together female founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, female leaders and change makers from across the globe.

Our community is not limited by borders or countries. The online community allows us to share, connect and learn from one another like we normally would in face to face offline communities.

Our face to face meetings and communities are specifically arranged in partnership with our partners. The global partnerships with co-working spaces, means that our members can have a place to work in, should they need to.

Everything we do is specifically tailored taking into account our needs, pains and challenges as female founders and entrepreneurs.


Our Why


We don't sugar coat it...

As founders and female leaders ourselves, we have walked the walk that female founders walk. Having said that, we can't claim to know each and every problem ALL women face. We can, however, say that with by bringing our own experiences, and opening the community to other entrepreneurs, we offer diverse expertise, information and experiences.

Women are not by any means a monolithic group. Neither are the businesses we start, or challenges we face. So there is no one-size fits all solution. By offering holistic services and solutions, we increase the chance of meeting the needs of the diverse group of female founders & entrepreneurs.

Starting, building, scaling and running a business is not a walk in the park. It is therefore, very crucial for founders to get access to people who are not only going through a similar journey, but who can allow them to be themselves, as human beings, while working towards their dreams.

We can't promise to provide all the answers or solutions for you and your business, but we promise to do our very best to give you the very best of what we are capable of. .


What's our secret magic wand?

Well, many things. We are natural when it comes to multi tasking. 

We are Founders, Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Fund Managers, Investors, Community builders and Connectors. 

We tap and harness the power of the collective. 

Our mothers, grandmothers and our female ancestors have known, held and passed on the secret of the incredible power of a tribe of women. 

We give and take. We place what we have into a basket, based on each individual's capacity. 

This can be in form or money, knowledge, ideas, skills or anything that can help build the community. 

The Circle of Female Founders, connected by communal bond, opens up the doors for collaboration, support and building one another.

Our Mantra

We live by this mantra, and expect same for all our community members

We live, preach, adhere and practise the following mantra:

1. GIVE: your uniqueness, knowledge, skills, financial support, ideas and full support.

2. TAKE: only after you have given. Take financial support, ideas, new skills, knowledge and community support so you can create your business empire.

3. POWER: the community by opening up your contacts, connections, opportunities,  purses, tenders, procurement channels, using services and buying products from your fellow community members.

After all this is said and done....YOU PAY IT FORWARD..by lifting another fellow woman getting started. 


What's in for me, you ask?


Digital Co-working space

Training, Webinars & Workshops

Digital Co-working space

Our Digital or Virtual offices connects you to other members working online like you. Our spaces are built to give and offer the same experience you would have with colleagues in an office. 


Online Incubation Hub

Training, Webinars & Workshops

Digital Co-working space

You have a burning business idea, but you don't know how to get started or how to go about it. You are not even sure whether your idea is a real business idea or just a dream.

We help you get started.


Training, Webinars & Workshops

Training, Webinars & Workshops

Training, Webinars & Workshops

The Dali Spaces Academy provides various trainings, workshops and webinars that cover vast topics that are tailored to meet your needs as a female founder, freelancer or entrepreneur.

Additional benefits

Access to capital

The chicken and egg situation, puts  women at a disadvantage. Because many women have less access to assets. their ability to obtain medium-sized loans is limited and in many instances non-existence,  In turn lack of access to capital impacts the growth of their businesses. 


While female founders, if globally combined are the highest globally in numbers, majority of these businesses are one-person businesses that remain small and without a proper plan of fully commercialising them. Procurement obstacles play a huge role keeping these businesses small. 

Choice of business sector

Many women tend to operate smaller and less dynamic businesses, with majority of them more likely to operate in non-capital-intensive sectors, which often have lower potential for generating a high and sustainable income 

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Membership comes with many benefits including, but not limited to:

  • Exclusive access to Dali Spaces globally
  • Access to all events hosted at the Dali Spaces
  • Discounts and perks from our Partners 
  • Access to global partnerships with global brands 
  • Help to develop business plans
  • Free business promotion 
  • Access to pitch events and investors