50 Plus Female Founders


Female Founders, Entrepreneurs and Innovators above the age of 50, have been longed ignore and dismissed.

Many women are forced to take a career break when they start families. It's only when kids are older, that they finally get some time to do things they love including starting their businesses.


  • Wiser in years.
  • Armed with tons of years of experience and real life data/ experience.
  • Want to create legacy.
  • Huge access to networks that they spent years building, opening up a huge market opportunities.
  • They are focused on less crowded and unknown markets, providing solutions and innovations that solve problems they have personally experienced, or someone within their communities. 
  • Turning their frustrations into business opportunities

Dali Spaces community highly encourages and supports Female Founders, Entrepreneurs & Innovators who are 50 years plus, to achieve their business/ innovation dreams.